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Global Affairs

Call for Junior Fellows by the Leuven Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS)

The fellowships are intended for advanced Ph.D. students, postdocs or junior faculty members (tenure track) from Una Europa Universities, which the University of Zurich is a part of.

Applicants will be able to participate in expert workshops, discussions and lectures as well as actively engage with the LIAS community. During their stay, all fellows will have an office at Holland College so the informal contacts can be enhanced during coffee and lunch breaks.

Within the LIAS project the following issues will be highlighted during the stay of the senior fellows:

  • Balance between insurance and poverty reduction
  • Flexible retirement options starting from a fixed retirement age
  • Intergenerational sustainability of future pension expenditure
  • Impact of new family structures
  • Ideal proportion of repartition and capitalisation
  • Labour form neutrality of pension systems

Read about LIAS ‘Principles for a balanced Pension reform’ on our website.

LIAS covers all travel and hotel costs for junior fellows for a stay up to 14 days in Leuven with a maximum of € 1,000 for the total stay.

Apply by 6 October 2023 through the LIAS webiste for the Call.