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Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs)

Memoranda of Understanding are legally not binding documents, have no financial implications and are in general not needed for any kind of collaboration at UZH.

However, the role of MoUs are quite different around the globe and in some countries it is the starting point for any kind of collaboration. It can also be used to anchor a longstanding collaboration more officially within a department or faculty. An MoU then states the interest between UZH and a comparable international institution to promote the cooperation in teaching and research activities of mutual interest.

Initiating agreements

MoUs at the level of an institute/department or faculty are usually initiated by the institute or the faculty. Agreements at the university level are initiated and negotiated by Global Affairs in cooperation with the faculties.

Procedure for agreements

Global Affairs serves as the main contact for UZH units initiating an MoU.

Global Affairs provides a template for MoUs, supports in drafting and concluding the document and maintains a database and an archive of the original documents. The content of the MoUs can be adapted depending on the project and the negotiations. Global Affairs consults, if necessary, with UZH Legal Service regarding legal matters. Global Affairs also coordinates the obtaining of the signatures. On the part of UZH, two signatories are required - please see Signature Authority Policy below.

Procedure for Agreements (PDF, 24 KB)

Template MoU (DOCX, 981 KB)

Signature Authority Policy at UZH

(Reglement über die Unterzeichnung von nicht-finanzwirksamen Verträgen an der UZH, 23.05.2013):

  • University-level: University-level agreements must be signed by two members of the Executive Board of the University or one member of the Executive Board of the University and the Secretary General.
  • Faculty-level: Faculty-level agreements must be signed on behalf of the Faculty by one member of the Executive Board of the University and the Dean or Assistant Dean.
  • Institute-level: Institute-level agreements must be signed by the Dean or Assistant Dean and the Director of the Institute or a Professor of the Institute.

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