UZH's global network (graphic)

Global Networks

The University of Zurich is globally engaged to solve problems and improve lives in partnership with stakeholders from across the world. UZH is further committed to strengthening international relationships and developing new partnerships around the world. UZH is an active member of various organizations and networks in research, teaching, innovation and other important areas of higher education.

International University Networks

International University Networks provide a broad framework for collaboration with like-minded institutions to achieve common goals. The University of Zurich has carefully selected a number of these international networks to be an active member. International University Networks (Overview)
Una Europa Membership
Universitas 21 Membership
LERU Membership

Strategic Partnerships

UZH works hand in hand with specific partner universities in strategic alliances. We address global challenges by offering innovative teaching collaborations, initiating dialogues with relevant stakeholders and learning from each other at an institutional level.
Strategic Partnerships (Overview)
Strategic Partnership with the University of Geneva
Strategic Partnership with Freie Universität Berlin
Strategic Partnership with Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Strategic Partnership with Charles University
Strategic Partnership with Kyoto University
Strategic Partnership with The University of Queensland

International Cooperation Agreements

The University of Zurich promotes collaboration across traditional boundaries. To foster international cooperation in teaching, research and other fields of mutual interest, UZH enters into formal agreements with universities and other educational and research institutions.
International Cooperation Agreements

International Funding Instruments

In order to support international cooperation, Global Affairs provides information and useful links regarding open calls and international funding instruments.
International Funding Instruments