Call for Applications: 2023 Engineering Science for the 21st Century Program for Master's and PhD students

The Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University features TWO MEXT-granted programs in English.

The Graduate School of Engineering Science is one of the world-leading schools in the field of Robotics Engineering. Under this program featuring Robotics Engineering as well as other related areas, the university would like to welcome top-notch foreign students from all over the world. Based on its educational philosophy: “Fundamentally developing scientific technology by integrating science and technology will create a true culture of humanity,” it will nurture human resources of those who possess a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary expertise, rich comprehensive understanding, synthetic imagination, and transcultural communicability, associated with Robotics-Engineering-related professional capability and skills, who can also contribute to building up future Robotics industries in their mother countries as well as internationally promoting close cooperation with the Japanese industry, academia, and government.

The application period is from 14 November to 28 November 2022.

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