Call for applications: The DSI Excellence Program

Digitalization is fundamentally changing science and society. Since 2020 the Digital Society Initiative (DSI) at UZH offers a complementary Excellence Program for doctoral students interested in digital transformation. The DSI Excellence Program is a complementary PhD program. It features interdisciplinary courses about digital skills and technical knowledge, interdisciplinary thinking and problem-solving, and critical reflection on all aspects of a digital society, including ethical, legal and societal aspects of digital change. Students accepted to the DSI program take part in a PhD program in their respective discipline at UZH and in addition participate in the Excellence Program studies.

PhD candidates interested in the digital transformation of society who expect that digitalization will have a significant impact on their PhD research to apply for the
DSI Excellence Program. The applicants are prospective PhD students at UZH or doctoral students already enrolled at the University of Zurich, but at the very beginning of their PhD. Outstanding applicants are welcome
to apply for a scholarship.

The DSI Excellence Program starts each Fall Semester. The application deadline for the 2022 Fall Semester is 15 January 2022. You can apply for participation in the:

  • DSI Excellence Program
  • DSI Excellence Program + s cholarship

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