Academia-Industry Training (AIT) in Bangalore and Rio de Janeiro

Interested in improving the business case for your scientific research? AIT aims at supporting scientists in transforming their high-level applied research into market applications and discovering their entrepreneurial potential. The AIT program is connecting scientists from top institutions in Switzerland, India and Brazil.

By connecting scientists from top institutions in Switzerland and India/Brazil, the program promotes an international network and enables access to one of the most promising markets and intellectual capitals in applied research.

Open to high-level and carefully selected researchers: Master, PhD, Postdocs and researchers of Swiss Universities, Universities of Applied Science and research institutes or centres of technological excellence with research track record working on a non-profit basis - seeking to explore the successful market application of their high-level applied research.

Key dates of the 2016 programme:

May 20th: deadline for applications

Week of June 20th: interviews

Week of Sep. 12th: kick-off in Lausanne

Oct. 3-7th: AIT India and Brazil Camps

Nov. 28 - Dec 2nd: AIT Swiss Camp and AIT Innovation Award

Further information: EPFL Website