swissnex Brazil and oikos are looking for a Leadership & Sustainability Fellow

Swissnex Brazil and oikos are looking for a leadership & sustainability fellow. Swissnex is a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas in science, education, research and inovation. Oikos, on the other hand, is an international, student-led non-profit organization for sustainability in economics and managements founded in 1987 in Switzerland. The fellow will work for both oikos and swissnex during 13 to 14 months in the oikos headquarters in St. Gallen as well as in the headquarters of swissnex Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tasks and responsibilities include event planning and managment as well as networking. The fellow should not have graduated more than 1 year ago. Applications are accepted until 20 October 2019. Please visit the swissnex website for more information.