"International Relations Office" becomes "Global Affairs"

GS 2030

Internationally renowned for its excellency in research and teaching, the University of Zurich is part of a dynamic worldwide network. Universities are multifaceted organizations and contribute to a growing number of global challenges through multilateral collaborations. They encourage the exchange of knowledge – not only between universities but with society, the economy and politics.

A comprehensive and global university such as UZH needs a global strategy and long-term vision. UZH faculties and central services have drafted a joint vision of what we aim to achieve by 2030 in terms of global outreach and engagement, leading to UZH’s Global Strategy 2030 (PDF, 929 KB).

To reflect the aspiration of UZH’s global vision, the former “International Relations Office” is changing its name to “Global Affairs”: While the expression “international” often has a strong regional and national component, the expression “global” seems more inclusive and accurate. The expression “relations” is often seen as bilateral in nature. With UZH’s and our team’s efforts for interconnected, transdisciplinary, and multi-stakeholder thinking and acting, the term “affairs” is a more fitting label for what UZH, and our team does.

We will ensure that the Global Strategy is at the forefront of people’s mind and that by 2030 we look back on eight impactful years with activities that have led the University of Zurich to achieve its vision of global outreach and engagement.