Swissnex visits UZH's NCCR Evolving Language

Swissnex delegation

Earlier this month we had the opportunity to help facilitate the visit of a delegation from Swissnex at UZH's NCCR Evolving Language.

UZH has been partnering with Swissnex for many years: Working with Swissnex raises UZH’s outreach abroad and promotes international networking opportunities.

Swissnex' visit at the NCCR Evolving Language kicked off with a talk about why a NCCR dedicated to language is crucial in this day and age. National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCR) are long-term research projects of outstanding quality which have special emphasis on both interdisciplinary and innovative approaches within the disciplines involved. Principal Investigator Mathew Magimai Doss presented his research on speech processing within the Idiap Research Institute and their transversal task force technology. After that, Principal Investigator Volker Dellwo talked about the fascinating topic of speech and voice processing, voice identity, and recognition for forensic and industrial purposes. Finally, the Swissnex delegation visited the Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRi), where lab manager Andrew Clark conducted some entertaining experiments.