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Global Affairs

Open Calls For You

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News list

  • Call for junior LIAS fellows – Water: Scarcity and Flooding

  • Call for Applications for Latvian Scholarships 2024/2025

  • 2024 Early-Career Grant Call for Research Stay in East and Southeast Asia

  • Funding for Workshops & Symposia in South Asia and Iran

  • Collaboration with India – Call for Proposals (SPARC)

  • ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships: Asia-Pacific

  • Türkiye Scholarships for Research

  • Université de Bordeaux – Rectruiting Opportunity Visiting Scholars

  • Scholarships of the Republic of Slovenia 2024/2025

  • Newton International Fellowships – Royal Society

  • UK – Switzerland Collaborative R&D Call

  • Taiwan Scholarship Program 2024

  • Funding Within the Una Europa Alliance – Session 2

  • Japan Exchange and Teaching Program – Open for Applications

  • Hungarian Government Scholarship for 2024/2025

  • Collaboration with International Geneva – 2024 Impact Collaboration Program



  • Funding Within the Una Europa Alliance – Session 1

  • Excellence Program (PhD) – Digital Society Initiative

  • Call for Award Nominations – Scientific and Technological Cooperation With Italy

  • Leading House South Asia – 2023 Call for Research Partnership Grants

  • Leading House Asia – 2023 Call for Applied Research Grants

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More Research Funding Opportunities

Visit our extensive overview of research funding opportunitites for your specific career level.