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Shaping the Future of Work: UZH at the China-Europe Talent Forum 2023

Companies are redefining their work arrangements to attract and retain top talent in a competitive job market. The China-Europe Talent Forum 2023 brought together experts at the intersection of research, education, business and technology. Notable attendees included UZH President Michael Schaepman and Jochen Menges, a UZH expert on future work leadership.

  • CETF 2023_Michael Schaepman

    UZH President Michael Schaepman during his virtual welcome speech

  • CETF 2023_Jochen Menges

    Prof. Jochen Menges, UZH Director of the Center for Leadership in the Future of Work, on the role of "emotional intelligence" and a human-centered approach at work

Sino-European dialogue on the topic of "talent"

Countries and businesses have responded differently to challenges in the world of work. Valuable lessons can be drawn from leaders in the public, private, and academic sectors regarding employability and talent acquisition. The China-Europe Talent Forum served as a unique platform for experts to discuss Sino-European talent issues.

During his welcome speech, UZH President Michael Schaepman highlighted the crucial role universities play in building a future-proof workforce. This involves equipping students with the knowledge, skills and adaptability necessary for staying competitive and shape a future of innovation.

The Forum was organized in partnership with the Beijing Talent Work Bureau, the Beijing Institute of Talent Development Strategy, FESCO Group, the Universities of Zurich and Beijing, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Switzerland, as well as with the support of the Swiss Embassy in the People’s Republic of China, the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Beijing State-owned Capital Operation and Management Company Limited and Asia Society Switzerland.


UZH Center for Leadership in the Future of Work

The UZH Center of Leadership in the Future of Work, led by Prof. Jochen Menges, focuses on the human aspect of the future of work. It fosters collaboration between business and academia, provides lifelong learning programs on people-centered leadership, and supports start-ups in bringing their ideas from lab to market. This centre is at the core of a "global HR valley", a global HR network comprising current and future leaders who understand the value of people in business.

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“We believe organizations thrive when they adopt a people-centered approach and embrace leadership that puts the human being at the center.”

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