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Healthy Aging – Visiting Fellow from the University of Queensland Offers Interesting Perspective

Professor Nancy A. Pachana traveled to Zurich as a visiting fellow from the University of Queensland (UQ), an important strategic partner of the University of Zurich. During her stay in Zurich, she was based at the Healthy Longevity Center (HLC), where she offered her expertise and perspective on Healthy Aging through close collaboration with her UZH peers and the wider UZH community.

Video recording of Professor Nancy A. Pachana's talk at UZH's Healthy Longevity Center

At UQ, Pachana serves as a professor at the School of Psychology. She oversees the Healthy Aging Initiative in the Health & Behavioral Sciences Faculty, and is the Program Lead of the Age Friendly University Initiative at the University of Queensland. In line with the UZH’s Research Priority Program (URPP) Dynamics of Healthy Aging, Pachana's visit is valuable for the University of Zurich as she brings in UQ's perspective on the topic. Her stay at HLC created a great opportunity for in-dept expertise exchange with UZH researchers.

This opportunity for exchange was taken to the wider UZH community with Pachana’s recent public talk “Capturing the whole picture: Unlocking the potentials in later life”. After Pachana presented her research and insights, the floor was opened for discussion. Pachana and the audience, many of which researchers in similar areas bringing in their own expertise, engaged in lively exchange about the presented topic.

Pachana traveled back to Australia with new connections at UZH, which creates potential for research collaboration between UQ and UZH in the future. Find out more about UQ as a strategic partner in relation to the topic of Healthy Aging below.

Leslie Reinhard