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UZH Welcomes Leading Research Universities at U21 Researcher Engagement Meeting

The University of Zurich (UZH) is hosting the first-ever U21 Researcher Engagement Meeting. This event provides a forum for UZH and the Universitas 21 (U21) network, an international network of research-intensive universities, to refine strategies and enhance research collaboration impact.

The three groups combined at the University of Zurich: The Research Leaders, the Research Collaboration Group, and the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies
The three groups combined at the University of Zurich: Research Leaders, Research Collaboration Group, and the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies. Photo: Andrin Owassapian

The Researcher Engagement Meeting brings together around 50 leading researchers from three crucial groups of the U21 network for the first time: the Research Leaders, the Research Collaboration Group, and the Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies of the U21 member universities. Their gathering provides a platform to discuss and re-set the direction of the U21 so-called “Researcher Engagement Cluster”, ensuring that its activities are effectively aligned with the pressing issues and challenges faced by research institutions globally.


Translating Insights into Action and Confronting AI's Complexities

Photo: Andrin Owassapian

This U21 Researcher Engagement Meeting covers essential topics, such as the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in research, strategies for accessing European funding, effective PhD mentoring, and building strong research partnerships. Keynote talks, panels, and workshops provide practical knowledge to participating institutions and researchers. This event is a call for global researchers to collaborate and adapt as research collaboration evolves. It fosters discussions and connections among researchers from across the U21 network, driving research innovation and global collaboration.

Photo: Andrin Owassapian

Global Collaboration to Advance Research, Innovation and Education

As the host, UZH underscores its dedication to research excellence and active engagement in collaborative efforts. Initiatives like the UZH Space Hub, which brings together experts from diverse fields to explore earth observation, space life sciences, astrophysics, and more, exemplify this commitment. UZH's robust research focus on artificial intelligence aims to encourage interdisciplinary and international collaboration while shaping the future of AI research in alignment with shared values and societal goals. These initiatives align seamlessly with the program's themes, solidifying UZH's status as a leader in cutting-edge research and collaborative excellence.

Photo: Andrin Owassapian

The active participation of UZH in the Universitas 21 (U21) network underscores its dedication to global research collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. Through this engagement, UZH gains access to a wealth of expertise, fosters cross-border research partnerships, and contributes its own insights to address the world's most pressing challenges. As the U21 Researcher Engagement Meeting draws to a close, the University of Zurich remains committed to its role as a catalyst for meaningful change in the realms of research and higher education, solidifying its reputation as a leading global institution.

Discover what U21 participants have to say:

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