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Global Affairs

U21 Senior Leaders gather at UZH for informal exchange

Senior Leaders and the Management team of the global network Universitas 21 gathered at the University of Zurich for an informal Get-Together to discuss the future of Higher Ed.

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Just before the warm summer days were coming to an end and the preparations for the upcoming fall semester were in full swing, some Senior Leaders of the global network Universitas 21 (U21) and members of the U21 Management team arrived at the University of Zurich for an informal get-together.

The get-together was kicked off on Sunday evening with an outdoor reception during which a warm welcome was given by Professor Jenny Dixon, U21 Provost, and Katja Durkin, Head of UZH Global Affairs. In the three days that followed, around fifteen U21 Senior Leaders and the U21 Management team participated in an intensive exchange about the future of education during a hybrid workshop and bilateral meetings. In addition, interested UZH members got the chance to learn more about the global network at the U21 Open House Session, where Provost Jenny Dixon explained the concept of U21, elaborated on current priorities, and responded to questions. Further, UZH members actively involved in the U21 community enjoyed an in-depth exchange about their work and activities within the network with Jenny Dixon and her colleagues of the U21 Management team.

The U21 Senior Leaders Get-Together was a great opportunity for the University of Zurich and everyone involved to touch base and maintain the good relations with U21 and its members.


Leslie Reinhard