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Fostering an Inclusive and Diverse Future – Insights from the Una Europa Staff Week

The topics of diversity and inclusion took center stage as a group of over 50 dedicated Human Resources and Professional Staff members representing the 11 Una Europa Universities convened at the University of Bologna for the Una Europa Staff Week.

Participants of the Una Europa Staff Week 2023 in Bologna. Photo: University of Bologna

Throughout the week-long workshops and lectures, participants from across the Una Europa Alliance engaged in enriching discussions on a range of critical topics, including mentoring staff and raising awareness about the Una Europa Diversity Council's mission and initiatives. Sharing best practices and addressing daily challenges were also top priorities, fostering an environment of learning and growth. The week saw participants delving into the theoretical structures underpinning diversity and inclusion, exploring diverse diversity management methodologies, and enhancing their understanding of an intersectional approach for effective diversity management.

The week-long Staff Week was filled with workshops, lectures, and social events. Photo: Karin Gilland Lutz

Connecting expertise across the Una Europa network

Members from the University of Zurich's delegation hailed from various departments within the university. Karin Gilland Lutz and Tanja Neve-Seyfarth from the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity represented the University of Zurich in their roles as trainers, offering valuable insights into their work. Participants Alice Raguenau and Cecilia Caruso from UZH Global Student Experience, along with Donata Mikosch from the the Dean's Office at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, contributed their perspectives and expertise to the Staff Week.

The University of Zurich delegation at the Una Europa Staff Week in Bologna. Photo: Tanja Neve-Seyfarth

Karin Gilland Lutz, Deputy Head of the Office for Gender Equality and Diversity at UZH, captured the essence of the Staff Week experience, saying, "Each day of the Staff Week was full of lively exchange. I heard many examples of participants who are planning to reconnect after the staff week to work together on specific issues and problems of shared interest. It was a wonderful experience in a beautiful location."

The Una Europa Staff Week in Bologna served as a platform for fostering collaboration and understanding, reaffirming the commitment of these universities to promote diversity and inclusion in academia.

Leslie Reinhard