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UZH and UniGE Unite for Swiss Leadership & Diversity Summit

UniGE and the Center for Leadership in the Future of Work at UZH recently held the collaborative "Swiss Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity Event" (SLIDE) summit at UZH. Bringing together scholars and practitioners from various fields, the event aimed to explore the intersection of diversity and leadership. Discussions on gender, career equality, and pressing challenges in leadership took center stage, highlighting the importance of inclusive practices.

Uniting scholars from Swiss and international institutions

SLIDE brought together 52 scholars from Swiss universities, including UniGE, UZH, University of St. Gallen, and University of Lausanne, as well as researchers from renowned institutions across Europe and beyond, such as the London Business School, Copenhagen Business School, University of Konstanz, and Purdue University. In addition, practitioners in the relevant fields were present to ensure exchange and relevance, as well as potentially enhance innovation.

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    Impressions from the summit

    Credits: Report written by Prof. Jamie Gloor (University of St. Gallen), Prof. Clara Kulich (University of Geneva), and Prof. Lauren Howe (University of Zurich)

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While SLIDE was partly funded by a bilateral call between UniGE and UZH, it serves as one of the last projects under this specific funding scheme. Researchers can continue to apply for funding through the new UZH Global Strategy and Partnerships Funding Scheme, ensuring ongoing support for collaborative projects with UniGE and other partners. The next call for applicantion opens in August 2023.

Resources about funding opportunities as well as SLIDE  and the Center for Leadership in the Future of Work are listed below.

Anne Nuria Boekhout & Leslie Reinhard

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