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UZH integral part of new vision for transnational university collaboration

The European Higher Education sector is moving towards an unprecedented transnational university collaboration as a Europe-wide consortium of six university alliances has secured the European Commission’s support for the European Degree label. As a member of Una Europa, the University of Zurich is an integral part of it.

The collaboration among Una Europa, 4EU+, CHARM-EU, EC2U, EU-CONEXUS and Unite! will enable the consortium of university alliances to take bold steps towards realizing the transformative potential of the European Degree label. Pooling their collective expertise, the consortium will seek to improve the process of developing joint degrees as a central stand of the project.

The consortium of university alliances including Una Europa represent a diverse and higher-powered consortium that unites a total of 51 higher education institutions from 22 different countries across Europe. The project consortium sees the European Degree label as a unique vehicle for boosting transnational collaboration in European higher education, which is crucial to positively impact the attractiveness and competitiveness of the European Higher Education sector on the world stage.

The University of Zurich joined Una Europa as a member in May 2022. Una Europa has successfully secured several important initiatives for innovative collaborations among its members in education and research. The European Degree label is one of the last successes, which follows to the other approved Una.Futura project, where UZH participation is funded by Movetia, the national agency for the promotion of exchanges and mobility in the education system.

Leslie Reinhard

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UZH and Una Europa

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