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UZH Alumni Network Expands: Vancouver Chapter Launches

UZH Alumni Vancouver Chapter has officially launched, marking an exciting milestone in the global network of UZH alumni. 

The chapter's inaugural event, held in collaboration with the Swiss Consulate General, highlighted the significance of fintech innovation in today's digital era. Renowned fintech expert Professor Thomas Puschmann, Director of the Swiss FinTech Innovation Lab at UZH, shared his expertise and insights during the event. Joining him was Professor Christophe Schinckus, Director of the School of Business at the University of the Fraser Valley, who emphasized the potential for collaboration between the Fraser Valley and UZH in fintech innovation for agricultural finance and operations.

The new UZH Alumni Vancouver Chapter aims to foster connections, facilitate knowledge exchange, and create a supportive community for UZH alumni residing in Vancouver. 

A supportive community for UZH alumni worldwide

In addition to the Vancouver chapter, UZH boasts an extensive network of alumni chapters worldwide. With over 2,000 members residing in various countries, the university's 14 international Alumni Chapters serve as hubs for alumni to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate. Fostering a sense of community among UZH alumni across the globe, these chapters serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, professional networking, and collaboration. 

Membership in the international chapters is open to all UZH alumni, regardless of membership in UZH Alumni. The chapter chairs receive support from the UZH alumni office in organizing events and communicating with their members. They also leverage partnerships with Swissnex and Swiss embassies and consulates to create engaging and impactful events, further strengthening the global UZH alumni network.

Anne Nuria Boekhout

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