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UZH Welcomes Delegation from Antai College of Economics and Management

Representatives of the Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited UZH, exploring possible pathways of future collaborations.

A global approach to research and education

Harald Gall, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, as well as other UZH representatives introduced Switzerland’s largest university to the delegation members. Together with their counterparts at Antai College of Economics and Management, they elaborated on potential future collaborations in student exchange and education programs.

As members of the global university network Universitas 21 (U21), UZH and Shanghai Jiao Tong University are already working together on educational innovation, researcher engagement, and student experiences.

Fostering intercultural exchange and competence

UZH collaborates with universities all over the world. The aim is to advance research and education while promoting intercultural competence and knowledge amongst academic professionals and students.

Viviane Gao

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