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Exchange Between Peking University and UZH

UZH maintains robust connections with Chinese universities and research institutes through international networks and bilateral collaborations. The visit of a delegation led by Qihuang Gong, President of Peking University (PKU), aimed to explore opportunities for strengthening existing collaborations.

Photo of UZH President Prof. Michael Schaepman and President of the Peking University, Prof. Gong Qihuang
UZH President Michael Schaepman and President of the Peking University Qihuang Gong

The PKU delegation, which visited Zurich to participate in the 6th edition of the “China Europe Talent Forum”, organized by the Adecco Group in collaboration with UZH, met with UZH President Michael Schaepman for a bilateral exchange.

Long-standing collaborations

UZH and PKU have cultivated ties, particularly within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics. One example of their collaboration is the above-mentioned “China Europe Talent Forum”, which is a significant part of their broader collaboration in the “Global HR Valley®”. In this initiative, both UZH’s Center for Leadership in the Future of Work and PKU’s Guanghua School of Management, are prominent knowledge partners, along with other private and public institutions from around the world. This collaborative network aims to enhance our understanding of how people experience the workplace, with the ultimate goal of innovating and suggesting solutions to transform the future of work.


Looking ahead

Following the pandemic, mutual student exchange between UZH and PKU is once again on the rise. Moreover, PKU students are regular participants in the UZH International Summer Schools.

During the visit of President Qihuang Gong and his leadership colleagues, both sides reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining an ongoing dialogue to nurture these collaborations and exchanges.

Raphael Kunz

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