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Kyoto University

Important Collaboration Partner in Asia

Collaborations between the universities of Zurich and Kyoto have existed for many years and in several research fields, such as stem cell medicine, plant science and anthropology. Two joint symposia were organized in 2013 and 2016, bringing together researchers from various research fields and with complementary strengths. In 2020, the alliance between the University of Zurich and Kyoto University was then converted into a strategic partnership.

This strategic alliance has already yielded results, as analyses have shown that publications emerging from existing research collaborations between Kyoto University and UZH are achieving great visibility.

Funding Opportunity

The UZH Global Strategy and Partnerships Funding Scheme supports faculties, departments and professional service units in pursuing activities that strengthen the impact of the global UZH network in line with the Global Strategy. The funding scheme is open to joint initiatives with specific UZH partner universities, such as Kyoto University. Find out more here.

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    The Start of the Strategic Partnership

    Kyoto University (KU) and the University of Zurich have officially established a strategic partnership effective 27 July 2020. With this, the University of Zurich has achieved its strategic goal of developing a comprehensive and deep partnership with a university in Asia.
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    Kyoto University Nobel Prize Laureate Shinya Yamanaka Visits UZH

    Transforming a body cell back into a stem cell with four genes? This was achieved 15 years ago by the Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka. The Nobel laureate spoke at the University of Zurich about the current state of research and the potential applications of his discovery.
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    University of Zurich – Kyoto University Symposium 2023

    The joint strategic symposium of Kyoto University and UZH took place in Kyoto on 7 and 8 March 2023 and fueled the exchange between established as well as junior researchers from Kyoto and Zurich.
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    Upcoming events

    UZH – Kyoto Talk: Visiting Fellow Dr. Kana Eguchi - "User-Centered Approach for Sustainable Data-Driven Ecosystems Supporting Healthy Longevity"

About Kyoto University

Kyoto University is the second oldest national Japanese university. Founded in 1897, it is located in Japan’s historical centre for art, culture and science. Founded upon the principles of its motto, “freedom of academic culture”, Kyoto University is currently composed of three campuses with ten faculties, eighteen graduate schools, thirteen research institutes, and twenty-two research and educational centers.