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Improving Healthcare: Analyzing Individuals' Everyday Environments through Real-World Data

What if we used the data from our smart watches paired with artificial intelligence to improve healthy aging? This novel approach was presented at the UZH Healthy Longevity Center by Visiting Fellow Dr. Kana Eguchi from the University of Kyoto (KU).

As one of the highlights of her visit, Kana Eguchi delivered an insightful talk on "User-Centered Approach for Sustainable Data-Driven Ecosystem Supporting Healthy Longevity." During her talk, she presented her vision for transitioning from "reactive healthcare" to "P4 Medicine," emphasizing prediction, prevention, personalization, and active participation throughout an individual's lifespan. This innovative approach integrates recent advancements in artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, and the internet of things, leveraging various wearable sensors like smart watches to gather and analyze real-world data from people's everyday environments.

Fruitful collaboration between the University of Zurich and Kyoto University

During her stay at the University of Zurich, Kana Eguchi was able to foster fruitful discussions with member of the UZH Healthy Longevity Center. The focus of these conversations was on the significance and valorization of real-world data for understanding, monitoring, and supporting healthy longevity. The goal is that this initial exchange will be the foundation for many more collaborative efforts in the years to come, propelling advancements in healthcare and healthy aging.

Kana Eguchi with Mike Martin and Christina Röcke, Co-Directors of the UZH Healthy Longevity Center.

The collaboration between Kana Eguchi from Kyoto University and the UZH Healthy Longevity Center serves as an example of the vibrant strategic partnership that has existed between the University of Zurich and Kyoto University since 2020. This strategic alliance fosters interdisciplinary collaborations and promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Leslie Reinhard

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About Dr. Kana Eguchi

Dr. Kana Eguchi serves as a Program-Specific Assistant Professor in the Department of Real World Data R&D at the Graduate School of Medicine at KU. During her stay as Visiting Fellow at the University of Zurich, she is based at the UZH Healthy Longevity Center.

About the Healthy Longevity Center (HLC)

The HLC is the center for research, innovation and societal impact for healthy longevity at the University of Zurich.

About the Strategic Partnership

In 2020, the University of Zurich and Kyoto University entered into a strategic partnership.