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UZH and Sony Explore Space Research Opportunities at Innovation Park Zurich

UZH President Michael Schaepman and UZH Space Hub representatives met with Sony's Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Hiroaki Kitano, and Strategic Planning Manager, Matthias Frey, to discuss potential collaborations in space technology and science.

Image: Visualization of Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich

During the discussions, Sony, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, and UZH explored shared interests and potential collaboration opportunities in space-related research areas, including in remote sensing and biodiversity research. With the "Star Sphere Inspiration Project" or the "Sony Space Communications Corporation", Sony is engaged in space-related research activities. 

  • Meeting of UZH and Sony at Innovation Park. From right to left: Prof. Michael Schaepman (UZH President), Dr. Hiroaki Kitano (Chief Technology Officer, Sony), Prof. Maria J. Santos (Professor Earth System Science, UZH), Martin Sturzenegger (Managing Director, IPZ), Carmen Meiller (PhD Candidate Remote Sensing), Dr. Matthias Frey (Strategic Planning Manager, Sony).

  • Sony Visit

    The meeting took place at the Innovation Park Zurich.

Reaching for the stars: space research at UZH

The UZH Space Hub, established in 2018, is amongst the global leaders in space and aviation research, with 35 specialized research groups covering diverse scientific disciplines, from earth observation to sustainable aviation and space life sciences. This hub promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, connecting scholars, industry professionals, and students to advance research in areas such as mobility, robotics, and remote sensing. It is strategically located near the Dübendorf airfield, enabling practical research endeavors like parabolic flights for gravity-related studies and earth observation missions, which are crucial for real-world applications of space research.

Excitingly, the UZH Space Hub has plans to expand its capabilities in 2024 by relocating to new laboratories at the Innovation Park Zurich, where the meeting took place. This move will enhance opportunities for industry partnerships and further research innovation in the space sector.

Collaborations with Japanese partners

UZH is dedicated to fostering collaborations not only within Switzerland but also on a global scale. With over 50 Japanese institutions, UZH jointly promotes research and innovation across various fields, including medicine, law, and biology. Notably, UZH has nurtured a strategic partnership with the University of Kyoto since 2020. This collaboration has facilitated intensive exchanges in diverse research areas, from stem cell medicine to evolutionary biology, law, and artificial intelligence.

The Sony Group

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Sony Group Corporation, originally Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K., is a Japanese conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1946, Sony is renowned for innovations like the Walkman, PlayStation, and more. It has a significant presence in image sensors, cameras, and premium TVs. Sony is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the NYSE and was ranked 88th on the 2021 Fortune Global 500 list. 

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Space research at UZH

Explore the frontiers of space research at UZH Space Hub. 

UZH and Japanese partners

Explore the collaborative efforts between UZH and its Japanese partners in various research fields.