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UZH's Ning Wang Explores AI's Impact on Cities at Swissnex Event & Swissnex’s 2024 Open Call

How is AI influencing urban life? During the public event “Cities in the Age of AI: Digital Twins or Digital Fiends”, hosted by Swissnex in San Francisco and held in collaboration with ETH, UZH researcher Ning Wang, presented her insights into the ethical and technological dimensions of AI's impact on urban development. 

In her presentation, Ning Wang emphasized the critical need to balance resource optimization, data privacy, and individual rights when integrating data-driven solutions into smart cities. Ning Wang is an active member of UZH’s Digital Society Initiative (DSI), which serves as a hub for research, education, and public engagement on digital transformation, promoting a dialogue between academia and the public.

  • Photo credits: Moritz Schmid

Swissnex's 20th-Anniversary Initiative

This event was part of Swissnex's 20th-anniversary activities “Metropolis: Sustainable Futures under Construction” addressing the future of cities, with a focus on food, energy, and the built and digital environment. Given that at a global level, cities house half of the world’s population, consume 75% of energy, and generate 75% of CO2 emissions, the program aims to inspire participants to question existing paradigms and develop solutions for sustainable cities of tomorrow. Additionally, as part of the anniversary initiative, a four-day sabbatical program in San Francisco in November has been organized, in which Ning Wang has also been selected to participate on behalf of UZH.

For 2024, Swissnex in San Francisco currently invites UZH and Swiss researchers, both senior and early career researchers, to apply for the “Swissnex Impact Sabbatical Programs” in Winter, Spring, and Summer. This program provides an exceptional opportunity to get inspired by the thriving innovation ecosystem of the Bay Area, while fostering research collaborations with renowned universities. 

There are three open programs in 2024: 
• Health: 15-26 January 2024, more info here, and application form here. Deadline: 30 November 2023
• Climate, and Sustainability: 15-26 April 2024, more info here, and application form here. Deadline: 16 February 2024
• AI, Data, and Digitalization: 19-30 August 2024, more info here, and application form here. Deadline: 3 June 2023

Anne Nuria Boekhout