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Ning Wang and Adrian Künzler Nominated as Members of WEF Global Future Councils

UZH proudly announces the nomination of Ning Wang and Adrian Künzler as members of World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Future Councils. This prestigious recognition highlights their expertise and contributions to their respective fields. 

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Ning Wang, an ethicist and a political scientist based at the interdisciplinary research platform Digital Society Initiative (DSI), has been selected for the Global Future Council on the Future of Technology Policy. Her research focuses on the regulation of the digital economy, particularly digital platforms, and their societal implications. Ning Wang's expertise will provide valuable insights into the policy frameworks required to navigate the challenges and harness the potential of technology for societal benefit. 

Adrian Künzler, an Assistant Professor of Commercial and Economic Law at the Faculty of Law, has been nominated for the Global Future Council on the Future of the Metaverse. His expertise in competition law, intellectual property law, and corporate law provides a critical perspective on the legal and societal implications of emerging technologies. Adrian Künzler's research aims to create a balanced environment that fosters innovation, ensures consumer protection, and addresses ethical considerations within the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

WEF Global Future Councils: driving global change with expert insights

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The appointments reflect the exceptional contributions of Ning Wang and Adrian Künzler, placing them at the forefront of global discussions on future challenges and opportunities. The Global Future Councils of the World Economic Forum serve as specialized advisory bodies comprising top experts and thought leaders across various fields. These invitation-only councils bring together around 600 individuals from academia, business, government, civil society, and other sectors, thereby bridging the gap between research, policy and practice. With a focus on providing insights, expertise, and guidance, the councils play a crucial role in shaping global agendas and addressing the world's most pressing challenges. 

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