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START! Study: End-of-Term Gathering for UZH’s Refugee Integration Program

Participants of the “START! Study – University Integration Program at UZH” have gathered to celebrate the successful completion of the academic year 2022/2023. The program is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for refugees into Swiss higher education. 

The START! Study celebration brought together students, staff, and volunteers for a social gathering and a treasure hunt. Project manager Chantal Marquart from Global Affairs, who oversees the program, said: “Today, we proudly celebrate the remarkable achievements of all our participants, and honor the collective efforts that have brought the START! Study Program to fruition since its introduction in 2021. Congratulations to each and every one of you!”

The two-semester educational program includes language and IT courses as well as academic lectures. Furthermore, it facilitates consultations and information events with external organizations such as the Career Information Center. In addition, over 90 dedicated student volunteers have organized tutoring sessions, a language café, and various social activities for the participants. 

Insights into Swiss university life

Throughout the course, participants gain valuable insights into the content and requirements of a degree program at UZH. Furthermore, they become acquainted with academic and student life at Swiss universities and engage with their academic and professional goals in Switzerland.  

Since its inception, 70 students from 15 different countries have enrolled in the START! Study program, and around 20 more will follow in the academic year 2023/2024. START! Study is a pilot project (2021-2024) and was developed by the UZH Global Affairs Team in close cooperation with the Integration Office of the Canton of Zurich, the State Secretariat for Migration, and various stakeholders at UZH. 

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