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UZH Joins Una Europa's Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program in European Studies

Enabling cross-border study: Meet the team behind the joint Bachelor’s degree program in European studies at UZH: Annika Martin (Project Leader), Martin Dusinberre (Professor of Global History), Peter Finke (Professor of Ethnology and designated Director of the Study Program), and Andreas Heinemann (Professor of Commercial, Economic, and European Law). Image: Dan Cermac.

The University of Zurich (UZH) is set to embark on a significant academic journey by joining the Una Europa Joint Bachelor of Arts in European Studies (BAES) from 2025. This initiative aims to provide students with a holistic educational experience that embraces various European cultures and academic fields.

Through collaboration with leading universities across Europe, the Una Europa alliance seeks to engage a diverse group of global-minded scholars. UZH's decision to join Una Europa in spring 2022 underlines its commitment to internationalizing research and education, promoting inclusivity, and foster student exchange.

The BAES program at UZH offers students the opportunity to explore European topics at three academic institutions across four specialized fields of study: politics, philosophy, history, and law. Through this program, students will gain a nuanced understanding of Europe's global role. UZH aims to provide an internationally oriented education that fosters academic dialogue, with plans to expand specialized courses in language and cultural components by 2026.

By embracing the complexity of the BAES program, UZH is dedicated to enhancing its academic standing on a global scale and empowering students to become active participants in an interconnected world.

The full article on UZH joining Una Europa joint Bachelor’s degree program can be found on UZH News.

Thurka Sinnathurai

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