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UZH Participates in EU Joint Degree Project

The concept of a European Degree emerges from a rise in joint study programs initiated by European university alliances, featuring curricula from multiple universities and culminating in a joint qualification.

In a recent interview conducted by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), Annika Martin from UZH's Teaching Development Office provided valuable insight into the ED-AFFICHE pilot project. This initiative is a key part of a broader EU proposal aiming to establish a Europe-wide joint degree program. She highlighted the alignment of this project with the objectives of the Una Europa alliance, aiming to deepen UZH’s understanding of joint degrees and assess their implications for Swiss universities.

Enabling cross-border study: Meet the team behind the joint Bachelor’s degree program in European studies at UZH: Annika Martin (Project Leader), Martin Dusinberre (Professor of Global History), Peter Finke (Professor of Ethnology and designated Director of the Study Program), and Andreas Heinemann (Professor of Commercial, Economic, and European Law). Image: Dan Cermac.

In the interview, Annika Martin also discussed the collaboration with the University of Geneva, which has been instrumental in not only highlighting the crucial part in preserving the autonomy of Swiss universities and refining student admission processes but also in articulating university-specific and national perspective on European educational standards. She emphasized the potential of the European Degree to significantly enrich Swiss higher education, complementing existing programs and underscoring international competencies.

Mutual learning and innovative developments 

Annika Martin further elaborated on the successes of collaborative efforts with 51 universities, which have fostered mutual learning and led to innovative developments in transnational education. Despite Switzerland’s non-association with Erasmus+, UZH is actively seeking  alternative ways to contribute to and benefit from such European educational initiatives.

Read Annika Martin’s full interview and find out more about how UZH drives international educational standards and prepares students for a globalized world here.

Thurka Sinnathurai

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