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UZH in the Una.Resin Project: Advancing European Research Collaboration

UZH has successfully concluded its participation in Una.Resin, a significant three-year project that started in February 2021 with EU funding.

Una.Resin aims to strengthen research and innovation partnerships among European universities under the “Una Europa” alliance, comprising 11 European universities that share a vision for the future of academia. UZH, joining Una Europa in 2022, played an important role in the final phase of the project, actively contributing to the larger mission to cultivate a unified academic community. Through this, UZH will be able to onboard many existing collaborative projects that were initiated during Una.Resin.

Under the lead of the University of Edinburgh, eight universities developed a comprehensive research and innovation strategy and several pilot projects over the three-year course. For instance, the "Citizens Science Toolkit" supports researchers at all stages of their careers to initiate and engage in citizen science. An "Online Course on Team Science" equips researchers with skills to collaborate effectively in cross-disciplinary teams. Furthermore, a "Researcher Matchmaking Pilot" supports researchers to unlock Una Europa’s European network of collaborators and research funding experts.

Una.Resin also shaped the priorities in the realm of research and innovation across the Una Europa. The strategy aims to develop interdisciplinary hubs for bottom-up research collaboration, set up an international framework for early career researchers, and share research infrastructure.

Added Value for the University of Zurich

Una.Resin has enabled UZH to expand and strengthen its European and international network, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations and projects, which are crucial for the university's ongoing development and global engagement. 

The Una.Resin closing event will take place during the lead-up Una Europa General Assembly in December in Dublin. Researchers and professional staff will meet their counterparts hailing from the ten other Una Europa universities, and the Una.Resin efforts continue to be integrated into the trajectory of Una Europa.  


Leslie Reinhard

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