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Global Affairs

Institutional Visits

The University of Zurich warmly welcomes representatives from partner institutions, embassies and other stakeholders from abroad that are interested in learning more about UZH's academic excellence in teaching and research.

Global Affairs is your first point of contact for institutional visits. We are happy to assist UZH faculty members as well as current and potential partners with visit requests that involve meetings with senior administrators and/or multiple units on campus.

Requesting an Institutional Visit

Prior to requesting a visit, please consider the following:

  • Is there clearly demonstrated mutual interest in developing a new collaboration or expanding an existing one?
  • Have the objectives of the visit been formulated to ensure clear outcomes?
  • Can these objectives be achieved via other means (phone, virtual meetings, email, etc.)?

If a visit is warranted, is not about a specific area (see below), and you require assistance from Global Affaris, please complete the following visitor's request form and return it to Global Affairs.

Visitor Request Form

Visits concerning specific academic or research areas

If your visit is about a specific academic or research area, it is best to coordinate directly with the relevant UZH faculties or institutes.

 Find your relevant UZH faculty or institute

  • Philippinian Delegation

    Visit of Philippinian Delegation to UZH (June 2024)

    UZH welcomed representatives of the Commission on Higher Education of the Republic of the Philippines, the Isabela State University and the Philippines Normal University North Luzon to celebrate and deepen the strong collaboration of the UZH Department of Evolutionary Anthropology with Philippinian institutions.

  • UQ Visit MoU signing

    UZH Welcomes University of Queensland Delegation to Strengthen Strategic Partnership (June 2024)

    The visit included the signing of an extension to the Memorandum of Understanding and the Student Exchange Agreement, emphasizing the enduring and robust partnership between the two institutions.

  • Michael Schaepman and Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser

    UZH Deepens Collaboration with Sweden (June 2024)

    UZH has long-standing relationships with several leading Swedish universities. On this occasion, UZH President Michael Schaepman welcomed Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser to UZH.

  • indian ambassador present

    UZH hosts the Indian Ambassador to discuss research and education partnerships (May 2024)

    To discuss initiatives strengthening collaborations in research, innovation and education with Indian partners, UZH welcomed Mridul Kumar, the Indian Ambassador to Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The visit underlines the good relations between India and Switzerland in the field of science and technology, which are also supported by a formal agreement signed in 2003.

  • British Ambassador’s Visit to UZH Strengthens Ties in Research, Innovation and Education (March 2024)

    The visit of British Ambassador James Squire has reinforced the academic and research bonds between the UK and UZH.

  • UZH Welcomes Baden-Württemberg and Zurich to Strengthen Research Partnership (January 2024)

    UZH has hosted the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), a formal agreement outlining the cooperative framework between the German state Baden-Württemberg and the Canton of Zurich.

  • UGM visit_group picture edited

    UZH Welcomes Universitas Gadjah Mada (November 2023)

    The University of Zurich was delighted to host Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), the newest member to the university network Universitas 21.

  • Visit PKU 2023

    Exchange Between Peking University and UZH (October 2023)

    The visit of a delegation led by Qihuang Gong, President of Peking University (PKU), aimed to explore opportunities for strengthening existing collaborations.

  • MoU_Taiwan Studies Project_2023_2

    UZH Renews Memorandum of Understanding on the "Taiwan Studies Project" (September 2023)

    Representatives of the Délégation culturelle et économique de Taipei in Bern visited UZH to renew a Memorandum of Understanding.

  • UZH Welcomes Chilean Ambassador to Kawésqar Cultural Exhibition in Zurich (August 2023)

    Chilean Ambassador to Switzerland, Frank Tressler, and a delegation of the Kawésqar people attended the Official Ceremony of the "Ko Aswál – The Next Day" exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum of UZH.

  • Schaepman and Ambassador Day

    UZH and Australia: Strengthening Ties in Research and Education (August 2023)

    The Australian Ambassador to Switzerland, Elizabeth Louisa Day, met with UZH President Michael Schaepman. Australian universities belong to the most important research and education partners of UZH.

  • Schaepman and Ambassador Massey

    Courtesy Visit of Costa Rican Ambassador to UZH (August 2023)

    UZH President Michael Schaepman and Prof. Christian Berndt (UZH Department of Geography and Member of the Latin American Center Zurich) met with Ambassador Ana Gabriela Massey to discuss collaboration between UZH and Costa Rica.

  • Schaepman and Ambassador Venediktova

    Ukrainian Ambassador to Switzerland Visits UZH (August 2023)

    UZH President Michael Schaepman met with Her Excellency Iryna Venediktova, Ambassador of Ukraine to Switzerland. Since Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, UZH has been providing support for war-affected researchers and students.

  • Delegation of Thai Embassy

    Visit of a Delegation from the Royal Thai Embassy in Switzerland (July 2023)

    Christian Schwarzenegger, Vice President Faculty Affairs and Scientific Information, and further UZH representatives met with His Excellency Mr. Chittipat Tongprasroeth, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Switzerland.

  • Delegation of Antai College

    UZH Welcomes Delegation from Antai College of Economics and Management (June 2023)

    Representatives of the Antai College of Economics and Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited UZH, exploring possible pathways of future collaborations.

  • Visit of Ambassador Chen

    Inaugural Visit of Chinese Consul General to UZH (June 2023)

    The newly appointed Chinese Consul General to Zurich and Liechtenstein, Ms. Chen Yun, met with UZH President Michael Schaepman to discuss existing and potential future collaborations between universities in the People’s Republic of China and UZH.

  • Rector with Ambassador Fujiyama

    UZH and ETH Meet with the Japanese Ambassador for a Trilateral Exchange (June 2023)

    The Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland, Yoshinori Fujiyama, paid a visit to Zurich’s university hub. The trilateral meeting with UZH President, Michael Schaepman, and his counterpart from ETH, Joël Mesot, reflects the growing ties in education, research, and innovation between the two largest Swiss universities and Japanese research institutions.

  • Visit of the Icelandic Minister

    Foreign Minister of Iceland Visits UZH (May 2023)

    Icelandic Foreign Minister Thórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörd Gylfadóttir recently visited the University of Zurich (UZH) for a bilateral exchange with Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis and other Swiss representatives. UZH, known as the birthplace of the "Council of Europe" and Winston Churchill's historic Zurich Speech, was chosen as the ideal meeting location.

  • Enabling Leadership in Academia (May 2023)

    Higher Education Institutions in Switzerland and around the globe are facing considerable societal, technological, and political challenges. UZH welcomed a delegation of academic leaders from Israel to discuss possible solutions to these challenges, foster collaboration, and facilitate knowledge sharing.

  • Bilateral_Visit_Ambassador_Keum_President-UZH_Michael_Schaepman

    UZH and Korea Discuss Deepening Collaboration (April 2023)

    This year marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Republic of Korea. UZH welcomed Ambassador Chang Rok Keum on its premises to explore the potential for deepening the existing collaboration between UZH and Korea.

  • Schaepman and Ducrest

    Connecting UZH and the World in Education, Research and Innovation (March 2023)

    UZH and Swissnex have signed a new mandate agreement that will shape their collaboration in promoting education, research, and innovation worldwide, while fostering international exchange and networks.

  • Visit US Ambassador Scott Miller 2023

    "Let's Continue to Stand Together for Democracy" (February 2023)

    On his inaugural visit to UZH, US Ambassador Scott C. Miller highlighted the shared values of Switzerland and the USA as sister republics as well as the importance of the longstanding relationship in international politics, academia and beyond.

  • Indian media visit

    Indian Journalists and Academic Policy Makers Visit UZH (February 2023)

    Digital governance, digital self-determination and digital health: Indian media representatives and academic policy makers visited UZH to learn more about UZH's Digital Society Initiative.

  • Korea Media Visit

    South Korean media delegation visits UZH (February 2023)

    On the occasion of 60 years of Swiss-Korean bilateral relations, a group of South-Korean journalists visited UZH. They gained an insight into the multifaceted research of the largest university in Switzerland.

  • EU Delegation

    UZH hosts EU delegation (January 2023)

    UZH welcomed ambassadors and representatives from EU embassies to Switzerland on its premises. The EU delegation held its regular meeting and later met with UZH President Michael Schaepman and Zurich’s Minister of Education, Silvia Steiner.

  • President U Tokyo

    Exploring further opportunities for collaboration with the University of Tokyo (January 2023)

    UZH has longstanding relationships with universities in Japan. It was therefore an honor to welcome Prof. Teruo Fuji, President of the University of Tokyo, and members of his staff to UZH.

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